On the Urban Farm
On the Urban Farm

I come home from a long day at work, sit down on the deck, tilt my head up towards the sun and exhale.  The only sounds that surround me are the sound of children laughing in the distance and the subtle “clucking” of eight happy chickens strolling around my backyard.  It is downright relaxing and nearly spiritual.  This scenario wouldn’t be all that uncommon except I am smack dab in the middle of an urban backyard.

Emily Browning - On the Urban FarmHi, my name is Emily and I’m an urban farmer.  What does that mean exactly?!  Let me explain…

I have created a real life working homestead complete with chickens, rabbits, fiber, and vegetable gardens right in my own backyard.  This adventure has not been mine alone though.  It has been a joint venture with my partner The Reluctant Farmer, my daughter and myself.  Together we live a fairly simple, self-sustaining lifestyle, managing to produce the majority of our food from our urban farm. 

The amount of food we are able to produce allows us to eat fresh food for the majority of the summer while preserving much of our bounty for the winter months either by canning or freezing.

Learning to be self-sustaining is more than just producing food to fill our stomachs though.  It’s about changing your lifestyle and taking control of where you put your money.  We purchase locally, things such as our health and beauty products, and we make all of our own household cleaners and laundry detergent at home, saving us thousands of dollars a year.

So come on in, sit down, relax and have a look around.  Whether you are here to learn about living a more sustainable lifestyle yourself, enjoy pictures of our host of animals and adventures, or want to shop in our online store (coming soon), we’re glad you’re here!

Your friends, On the Urban Farm

Tipp City, Ohio  45371

Emily Browning is a writer for Dayton Local.

Contact:  Emily@ontheurbanfarm.com


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