On the Urban Farm
On the Urban Farm


  • <strong>Ziggy</strong>


    Ziggy is a Jack Russell Terrier with a zest for life. He came to us from our great friends at The Remy Homestead after he fell completely in love with Emily. He has been terrorizing our house for several years now. Ziggy’s favorite activities include barking, chasing the chickens, and standing in the middle of the dining room table. It’s a good thing for Ziggy that I like my dogs bad….

  • Tina


    Tina came to us as a stray in April 2013. She was adopted into a forever home and was returned six months later. It was decided she would make the farm her permanent home due to some behavior issues. Tina’s favorite activities include eating and sitting on any available lap.

  • Suzi


    Suzi was a rescue from an animal cruelty investigation. She was left in a cage with her three puppies and no food and water for quite a long time. After all of the puppies found great homes, Suzi stayed at the shelter for several months until it was decided she would be euthanized for space. That is where we stepped in. Suzi has never looked back. Her favorite activities include wagging her tail so hard her entire body shakes, hiking, sleeping on the couch, and being the center of the human’s attention.

  • Esa


    Esa came to us ten years ago after her previous owners tried to breed her with a Boxer. Their stupidity resulted in a broken leg for Esa and we stepped up to help her. Esa enjoys dancing, eating anything that doesn’t eat her first, and soaking up sunshine on the deck. Her goal in life is world domination and she has starting that by instilling fear in all the other dogs here. It is working. They are all afraid of her and she likes it that way.

  • Tru - AKA Truman

    Tru - AKA Truman

    Tru is a Belgian Laekenois, and is a funny sort of dog. He is calm, reserved, and loves people. His idea of a great time is having his ears scratched, and if you don’t scratch his ears to his liking he will bump your hand as if to tell you: “Keep going!”

  • Linda


    Linda is Tru’s sister and she is everything he is not. When I look at Linda, I am reminded that she is as crazy as her hair. She is wild, neurotic and out of control. Linda has been participating in obedience classes and is quite the star. We enrolled in agility together, and start soon. It should be interesting and I’m sure there will be blog postings on such events.

  • George


    George is the CEO of this farm. He is in charge of all the day-to-day business that happens here, and treats all the other animals like his minions. No dog stands a chance against George, and he is quick to remind them they would be stupid to think otherwise. George is privy to all the best sleeping areas in the house, and can often be found watching birds through the window.

  • Abner


    Abner came to us as a foster cat three years ago. He is a strange beast. Abner is afraid of anything that moves or talks, except for the other dogs and cats. He will not allow us to pet him, although he loves to be scratched and touched once you catch him. On occasion, he will sit on us while we sleep and purr up a storm, however, the minute we adjust ourselves he is gone. We have no clue why Abner acts the way he does. His littermates were all normal and super friendly. That’s okay though, he is our cat…from across the room.

  • Mia


    Mia is 20 years old, and is Katzya’s best friend. She loves apples, carrots, and being brushed. She is a funny horse, and I often refer to her as “my donkey” because she always has this moderately annoyed look on her face. She loves Katyza, and she tolerates the rest of us.



Emily Browning is a writer for Dayton Local.

Contact:  Emily@ontheurbanfarm.com


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